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Maria and Siv

Read more about Maria and siv, the two dogtrainers with a ton of experience who is behind the name No Limit Obedience


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The secret behind great engagement

A lot of people get impressed by little Conans focus and they seem to think he is born this way. I promise you not, this is a lot of trainingsessions with both good reward and filling up the right bank account. If you watch this movie and really understands and really...

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Starts and attityd in heel work

Today how to get more activity into your heel work in an easy way! It will soon be one new lesson for some of you here on the blog-wright in the comments if you wish it would be you!

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Stop the whining

Todays blog is about one of the biggest reasons for grey hair. Whining and barking in training. Here is my 5 best tips for stopping the sound!

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Here is my favorite exercise of all times, the playcarousel. Have fun!

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