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Maria and Siv

Read more about Maria and siv, the two dogtrainers with a ton of experience who is behind the name No Limit Obedience


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Heelwork the overall

One of the best ways to teach focus is to go a course, in this course we will inspire you to teach heelwork with both overall and details at the same time!

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Develop your playing

In this blog I put together some of my best tips for developing your play. These are all steps I made to make playing a little bit more important than food for my puppy Conan. At least make the playing into something I can use in training. If you want to learn more I...

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Get control in different situations

There are so many easy and fun exercises to tech the dog. This easy one solved much of my problem in protection work. Its also perfect for dog who easy get stuck into things and in situations were you need more control. You teach your dog WHAT to do instead of what...

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Run around from both directions

      It has many advantages to run around from both directions. Especially if you work with the exercise both for competition and for training! Here I show you an easy way to teach it!

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