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Maria and Siv

Read more about Maria and siv, the two dogtrainers with a ton of experience who is behind the name No Limit Obedience


Every week you will find new inspiring blog posts about dogtraining in the blog.


Here is my favorite exercise of all times, the playcarousel. Have fun!

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Today I want to inspire a course where the dog has more choices. As you can see in the sketch and in the film, there are several different things along the way at each sending! If you have not done such exercises before, you can start by practicing that there are two...

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Here is this months participant that will get feedback on her training. Meet Drutten the papillon. He does Rally Obedience but has a problem with sniffing the ground when doing heelwork. Here is the training our feedback and a plan for the training. Im sure he is...

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Stand to down

Todays blog is a subject a lot of you have been asking for. How to start training the stand to down for the distance control. This is also a great technique for positions during heelwork. So here is my best tips! If your dog knows self-control with food and backing up...

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Fast grabbings 2

Here comes one more fun exercise for fast grabbings! The fun things with foundations is that you can easy use them for different kind of exercises-like here I mix the indian game with grabbing. The first person who will get feedback here on the blog is Marie Jakobsson...

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