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Maria and Siv

Read more about Maria and siv, the two dogtrainers with a ton of experience who is behind the name No Limit Obedience


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Hamster wheel

This exercise came to me a late night when I was planning my training. I was looking for a way to combine exercises in a way to make it seamless, to keep the dogs focus and teach him to listen. From the soft light of the candle on my table came this exercise, one of...

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Exercises with other dogs around

How do I work with my dog around other dogs so it works well in competitions? many people ask me how to think and train for this situations. I think about it as two parts and I train a lot on both from the start and further, even if my dog seems to have no issues...

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From playing to obedience: The apport

For a long time I have travelled with my seminar "From play to obedience", how to learn the exercises by playing. It is not only for puppies or new dog, but also a great way to fix details or improve speed. Since these are special times with a lot of people not...

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Keep the dog calm in an exercise

The exercise I will show you today is a part of the Working dog associations program. You will see in the first film how the exercises look like. Even if its not a part of the program you train it’s a fun and sometimes a little bit tricky exercise to teach the dog....

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Mondioring – Training bite work without a decoy

Are you curious about mondioring? Here is my favorite three foundation skills to start the training without a decoy There is three important benefits with this foundation training: You get a lot of training, making the dog learn faster Its a perfect way for training a...

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Puppy jump and a motivational tip

A great tip to keep you motivated is to film your training over time. If you are like me, we always want to take the next step and sometimes forgetting how far we actually come. I did an experiment and filmed Eddie´s training with the jump over two weeks time, and...

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