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Maria and Siv

Read more about Maria and siv, the two dogtrainers with a ton of experience who is behind the name No Limit Obedience


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How to plan your training

In the beginning of each training book I make a plan for the whole year. One exercise every month I will train extra on. That is exercises I MUST develop during that month. For every week that month I make a smaller goal that will help me reach the monthly goal. One...

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Building endurance

Imagine a dog that keeps focusing on you during the whole program of your sport. No matter what exercise you ask him to do or if it takes some time before you give the reward, the dog continues working for you Training the endurance before a reward is like going to...

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  Do you need to teach more focus? Then my suggestion is to train focus in a total different exercises instead of training focus in obedience exercises. If you teach a lot of focus in other exercises it will be much more easy to build up focus in all kind of...

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Scent in high activity

      If you should have the scent to work in all kind of situations you need to teach the dog to do the selection in really high activity. In a program the scent often comes after the other retrieve exercises and the dog often is very much is into...

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4 fun ways to train engagement

Imagine two magnets. No matter how hard you try to tear them apart or in wich direction, they always come back. This is exactly how we want our dogs to be. No matter what you train or where you train, the dog always focus on you without commands. Today we will teach...

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The out command

Imagine a dog that is spitting out the toy and moving away as soon as you give the out command. No matter how much fun you are having or what kind of toy you use, you will never have to ask your dog to out twice. A good out command will make your training effective,...

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